Spiritual Counselor

Through Spiritual Counseling we work with the perspective of your soul manifesting through your personality -- through your mental, emotional and physical processes. Spiritual counseling is a transcendent and transformative process, based on the belief that our life is in service to the soul, and, that our connection with soul and the world of spirit holds the means not merely of solving our problems in this lifetime but of bringing us into alignment with the mystery and meanings of the universe.

In Spiritual Counseling sessions we integrate spiritual and psychological methods to explore and transform material that has emerged during your individual reading session. This type work is also appropriate for relationships. These sessions are most effective when committed to over a span of time, just as you would with any serious counseling meant to change your life for the better.

In these sessions, in addition to using my healing and psychic gifts, I draw on my training in a multiplicity of studies, including many from my M. A. in Psychology:


Art therapy
Auras and Chakra systems
Authentic movement
Breath work
Goddesses and Gods in systems of mythology and polytheistic religions
Hospice Bereavement training
Kundalini and Energetic systems
Metaphysical teachings through the ages
Native American, Egyptian, Peruvian and Huna Shamanism
Neurolinguistic Programming
Non-violent communication techniques
Process-oriented psychology
Quodoushka and Tantric Sexuality
Ridhwan School: Diamond approach to Sufism, Buddhism and Western psychology
Self-Acceptance training
Spiritual teachings from religions of the world
Studies of psychological paradigms and family systems
Theraputic Touch

In our sessions together I will call on these many modalities as appropriate for your needs. You also may have the option of exploring one or more of these paths in a more focused way.

Through these sessions you develop effective ways for your soul to express itself in your daily choices of communication, behavior and relationships. Your ever-growing awareness will provide you with support for living your daily life and aligning with the deeper connections and meanings of your soul’s journey.

Ongoing counseling sessions are available.

Sessions are in person or by phone
and can be recorded.
For information on scheduling, fees
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