Psychic Reader

In a psychic reading session, my gifts are used to guide you in manifesting your potential life, rather than in merely predicting your possible future. You may bring specific questions for me to address, or leave the revelation open to spirit.

As we work together in the reading hour, I communicate about your soul’s journey and karmic patterns, and their manifestation on your energetic, physical, emotional, psychological, mental and spiritual levels. Energetic healing is an integral part of all readings.

I help you connect with your soul’s purpose and calling. I address your questions concerning your gifts, your relationships, career, health, karma, past lives, spirit guides, initiation and spiritual emergence from issues that may be blocking you from integration and continuing evolution.

I use a multiplicity of psychological, psychic and spiritual strategies, including aura and chakra reading, clearing and balancing, hands-on energetic healing, visualization, soul retrieval, depossession, past life therapy, hypnotherapy, breath work, and inquiry.

Your reading flows to meet your specific needs. I meet you on a soul level to read the stated desires of your own energetic field as well as the Akashic Record. Using my psychic and spiritual access to deep knowing I facilitate your greater understanding and personal empowerment so that you can grow and transform toward the unfolding of purpose and meaning in your life.

Channelings may be done by my spiritual teacher, Adam, or by goddesses and archangels.

Readings can be done for an individual or a relationship such as couples, family members, friends, or business associates. A reading gives insight, information and new perspectives for your soul’s journey, whether experienced once or repeatedly. A series of sessions may emerge from issues brought up during a reading. They might be about your unfolding growth and health in general, or focused on a particular self-identified need or desire.

Sessions are in person or by phone
and can be recorded.
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