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ONGOING SOUL DEVELOPMENT CLASSES offer you an opportunity to develop personally and professionally in the tradition of Esoteric Mystery Schools. Course content is a blend of metaphysical and alchemical shamanic information derived from temple training and ancient cultures, and integrated with schools of modern psychology. Classes are designed to be taken in order from Birth to Baptism, Transfiguration, Celebration and Revelation. These series of classes correlate with the levels of Spiritual Initiation. Information and techniques within each series of classes facilitates self-healing and transformation, leading to greater understanding of conscious and unconscious creation in your life.

CLASS CONTENTS are listed below, but will vary to suit each new group of students:

BIRTH (Beginning)—Begin to purposefully develop your intuitive abilities and deepen your soul’s connection. Learn to self-read your energy, chakras and boundaries through meditation and visualization.

BAPTISM (Intermediate)—Deepen your inward journey through exploration of auras, past lives, karma, relationships, sexuality, communication, mediumship, and your soul’s incarnational journey in this lifetime.

TRANSFIGURATION (Advanced)—Learn how to access spirit guides and Akashic records. Explore metaphysical teachings of Kundalini and other energetic systems. Develop your meditation, prayer, ritual, and manifesting. Learn about dimensions of reality: astral plane, mental plane, causal plane, intuitional plane and the absolute.

CELEBRATION (Advanced)—Learn advanced energetic techniques for self-healing, including sound and color, body symbology, illness as metaphor and message, and genetic entity. Focus on wholeness through integration of body, mind and spirit.

REVELATION (Advanced)— Deepen the experience of the cosmology of your individuated soul through study and direct experience of mystical and ancient systems of gods, goddesses, angels, archangels, archetypes, and channeling.

I also offer more advanced, focused classes. Interested groups can arrange for any of these classes in a weekend format or as a regular series:


I lead ‘Journey of the Soul’ groups to sacred sites both locally and internationally.

All classes are recorded for your review and in case you miss a class. On-line courses can be offered upon arrangement.

Sessions are in person or by phone
and can be recorded.
For information on scheduling, fees
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